I am continiuing sharing the news of the New Customs again


For some time, I, Igor Reznik, was not very active – this is due to the organizational processes that occur at the customs and the State Customs Service of Ukraine as a whole, but this does not mean that we are not working towards replenishing the state budget and combating customs offenses.

Today I would like to give one of the latest examples. The cargo arrived at Kiev Customs – sunglasses with a weight of 10,900 kg and customs value of 3.3 US dollars per kg and clothes with wigs in assortment weighing 11,100 kg and customs value of 6.5 US dollars per kg.
During the joint activities of the Coordination and Monitoring Customs, together with the Kiev Customs of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, it was found that in fact there are sunglasses with a weight of approximately 900 kg, and clothing with wigs weighing 21,000 kg, which is 10,000 kg more than declared .
That is, it was found that cheaper goods were declared significantly more than in stock, and vice versa, much less expensive goods were declared than in stock. The issue of compiling a protocol on violation of customs regulations is being considered.
Special thanks to the head of the Kiev Customs Service Anton Borisenko for a clear response on this issue and state position.
To be continued …