Undervaluation of cost characteristics of goods


In Odessa Customs, the mobile group of the Coordination and Monitoring Customs, due to doubts about the cost characteristics, was placed on the control of the cargo “various equipment” that came in the container. During customs clearance, equipment declared as “refrigerating apparatus” (chiller) for cooling water in the amount of 14 units, cost according to invoice $ 2.62 per kg and $ 57 per unit of goods (according to the technical description, this product is used for laser cooling tubes, but this is a separate issue that needs to be dealt with in more detail) and “laser apparatus” for aesthetic cosmetology in the amount of 17 units, costing invoice $ 9.32 kg and $ 351 per unit. After analyzing the documents and analyzing the price characteristics of the product on the Internet, it was found that the cost of refrigerators (chillers) for cooling water is $ 650 per unit, the cost of laser devices for aesthetic cosmetology is $ 3500 per unit of goods. A request to a specialized unit was initiated. We expect another additional replenishment of the state budget.
To be continued…