The tendency with the decrease in the customs value of goods


Analyzing, recently, the goods placed under the control of the mobile group by the Coordination and Monitoring Customs, there is a tendency to increase the volume of such goods with a decrease in customs value. As an example: In Odessa customs the customs issued a cargo of “digital piano” in the amount of 111 units and cost invoice from $ 80 to $ 88 per unit, “synthesizers” in the amount of 117 units and cost in invoice from $ 41 to $ 59 per unit. Due to doubts about the cost characteristics of the goods, the mobile group of the Coordination and Monitoring Customs conducted an analysis of documents and the Internet – it was found that the cost of such goods as a piano, depending on the model, is $ 1216 per unit, and the cost of synthesizers is $ 500 per unit. We expect another additional replenishment of the state budget.
To be continued…