Odessa customs officers ignored the comments and recommendations


An attempt was made to attempt to evade payment of customs duties in full by manipulating the price of the goods. The enterprise submitted for inspection at the Odessa customs the product “turbine cartridges” in the amount of 1549 units, according to the invoice the cost was 40 UAH per unit, and the “sonar” of the brand TOSLON TF500, in accordance with the invoice 126 UAH per unit, in the amount of 304 units, which employees of the mobile group of the Coordination and Monitoring Customs have been put under control due to doubts about the cost characteristics. After analyzing the documents and analyzing the price characteristics of this product on the Internet, it was found that the cost of the turbine is from 4500 to 5500 UAH per item instead of 40 UAH specified in the invoice, and the sounder – 9700 UAH per item, instead of 126 UAH specified in the invoice. I wanted to write that “We expect another additional replenishment of the state budget”, but not this time. Odessa customs officers ignored the comments and recommendations and to pay attention to the cost characteristics of the goods, and issued for free circulation. If the customs do not pay attention, then it is likely that law enforcement agencies will pay attention.
To be continued…