Copperfield has a lot to learn from customs officers in Odessa


Strange things happen at customs, even David Copperfield has a lot to learn from the Odessa customs officers! This time I will tell you how one letter can cost the state budget 45 000 UAH. Namely, another attempt to evade payment of customs duties in full by manipulating the trademark of the goods. The enterprise submitted to the customs clearance at the Odessa customs the product “LED LAMPS” in the amount of 136040 units, indicating in the declaration of the UIDEX trade mark and the customs value of $ 4 per kg, which the employees of the mobile group of the Coordination and monitoring customs have put in control in connection with doubts in terms of cost characteristics. After that, it was found out that in fact “LED LAMPS” have the VIDEX trademark, it seemed – well, that one, the difference in just one letter is probably a mistake of the broker)) and no, this one letter could actually cost the state budget 45 UAH 674 is the difference between customs duties due to the increase in the customs value per kg of goods, namely the increase from $ 4 per kg to $ 5.25 per kg. And the most interesting thing is that the staff of the mobile group of the Coordination and Monitoring Customs paid attention to it, and the staff of the Odessa customs did not, and as a result did not draw up a report on violation of customs rules. But, apparently, law enforcement agencies will pay attention to this. But the most important thing is that 45 674 UAH have been included in the state budget of Ukraine.
To be continued…